Whale on your friends!

Whale on your friends!

Dumb as Wizards is a hilariously crazy online and local multiplayer, arena wizard brawler.

Up to 4 Players control wizards, fighting a free for all battle in a shrinking arena, surrounded by a deadly void.
Players whale on each other with a myriad crazy spells, pushing enemies to their death in the void, to be the last man standing.

Out in early access on steam now!

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All the spells!

Cast the zaniest, craziest and wackyest spells at and with your friends!

Cast Crazy Spells

Online and Local Multiplayer

Controller support

Multiple ways to play

Dumb as Wizards can be played in a bunch of different ways!

Wizard Rumble! Where you go shopping for spells spells each round and slot them yourself.

Chaos: Each spells is replaced with a new random one after each cast!

Roulette: Players recieve 4 random spells each round.

Defend the Eye: Players defend the rune octagon against the voidlings in single player or Co-Op.

More modes to come

Multiple ways to play